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Delightfully High Thoughts :P

November 1, 2010

What are the kind of things that a sorry fraternity jobless bachelors rant about when they get – how do I put this nicely -‘delightfully high’? Women. Period. I would be the one to know. I am usually the guy with the orange juice at those snobbish beer parties. But as Harsha Bhogle once mentioned, at times, these delightfully high conversions could become one of the greatest sources of wisdom. So true ain’t it. It’s a moment of unadulterated truth. Genius could befall you any moment.

So when your best buddy turn’s up with a heavenly JW Blue Label (aha, u read it right!) it was like Kerala tourism’s new ad campaign saying “Your moment is waiting.” So here, under the pretext of a druken (Royally, if I may) ranting I am gonna share some excerpts- correction- whatever I can remember- of my true unadulterated self.

The traditional kickstart:

A symbol of excellence - just like virus's pen!

A symbol of excellence - just like virus's pen!

Just as expected – love lost, women, girl friend(s), compatibility damn! Together these words would make a quaint oxymoron for the urban dictionary. The start is always a suck fest for me. I have nothing to add. I mean I’ve been single all my life and not for one second been tormented by the middling bachelors craving need for companionship (f). I think the underlying theory is simple. (ps. Future wife- these are drunken rantings!)

A)     As it is I am plain awesome or as Barney Stinson put it “I am the Angelina Jolie of incredibility hot guys”

B)     In my experience, men in relationships are boring. They are slaves, a shadow of their true selves and just turn the clock back. Who in normal levels of sanity would dream of seeing themselves as a joker?

C)     And finally and more importantly – like some wise man said beautiful women are in the league of the Mercedes Benz, the Blackberry and beach view bungalows. They are just out of the range of the common man!

Then I start of with my “Freedom until lost is seldom valued” types speeches. Of course, I have no idea what it is at the other side of love. I am too much of a narcissist. He fires back – “You’ll eventually find yourself contradicting very thing you say and will realize what a fool you are!” I reply “Maybe…I am cool with that!” Whomp!

Why can’t I contradict myself?

It get this quite often my mom, sis and friends – “You are contradicting yourself.” Well is it a crime? What is wrong in doing that? Ok, let me bring in a bit of perspective in here. Basically it is your life experience that shapes your viewpoint. A different experience is a chance to revisit an idea and subject it to correction or change if necessary. I would rather leave my self open to new experience than subject myself to the distasteful prospect of being a prisoner of my long held views. The effect of which could be cataclysmic by comparison. From where I see it, if at some point of life you don’t contradict your past self, you are just not growing. It’s being stagnant!

The root of this problem is society’s compulsive urge to measure personality in absolutes or rather place him/her in a stereotype. You are not allowed to make mistakes and change. “Once a thief, always a thief” and lots of other ridiculous theories are the cornerstones of the make-believe society we live in. People change and we need to accept the idea that change is possible. “Rewrite rules, Retain values” is Kishore Biyani’s business philosophy. And the only way to change is to challenge your earlier ideas and make way for new ones. So if it involves contradicting yourself, so be it. It’s the price I pay for wisdom. It’s the price of living in the moment.

“So how does anyone trust you? You are a chameleon. What credibility do ya have?”

“Yep that is the whole point; I am not (no longer rather) on the look out for the society’s “ACCEPTED” certificate. So long is I am not a sociopath, I don’t think there is a reason to complain. Some of us- correction – most of us, choose to be a slave of the neurotic social system we are born into. I don’t do that!

The society has held me prisoner to breed mediocrity!

It has not been long but it has been awesome every since I logged out/ unplugged from the society matrix. Now I am a virus like Neo! I am no more bound by the rules of the system. Frankly, there are few feelings greater than this! You just have to be prepared for scorn, derision and in the highly unlucky case- rotten tomatoes and eggs.



Freedom is the ultimate concept. It created legends like Gandhi. But my life experience has been different. Where we live, freedom is a legal concept. It is pure make-believe notion that I am calling the shots of my life when someone/something else actually is. The Indian middle class has a robust value system with deeply entrenched and strong right and wrong. As a kid I’ve had to bear the brunt of the society’s misplaced expectations. You work your back side off while your batch mates were indulging themselves in other kinds of educational timepass (hmm..). You get educated with no idea what you are doing. Then you land yourself up in a job get married, kids, car, house…the keyword here is “get successful (Another misjudged concept –will deal with it later!)”…then die quietly (preferably leaving no stone unturned). Every thing is set up, you might as well have somebody else live your life for you. All you do in life is catering to the system’s need. At no point of time does the system ask you what you want. It only judges you for what you did. Who needs that? The middle class value system is a badge which confers acceptability but also the breeder of mediocrity.

That is exactly my point of contention. The system never accepts you for what you are or let you discover yourself. It just makes sure that you are secure and mediocre. You have to subjugate the self. But I can’t do that! I am not happy with being secure. What I want is excellence and the truth. I want to experiment with my life to reach there. So what I ask from the universe is the freedom to experiment and make mistakes and learn. Because that is perfectly ok as per my value system.

“To hell with the society and its norms. I call the shots of my life and I will not have it adulterated with rules I did not make. I need the freedom to play with my life. So to all judging eyes out there- I am an odd ball. Your prejudice has no bearing on me. Coz I no more give a damn to what you think and people with time, learn how to judge for themselves!”

Challenge Accepted!!!

“ Life is just an opportunity and opening, it is a creative challenge. Life is so spacious that it allows you to be whatsoever you want to be.” - Osho

Spot On Bro! Life is indeed a creative challenge and there is nothing called limit or limitation. The social system just killed the idea. It gave me ethic, etiquette, morality and loads of other fancy terms. It put me in a cage and asked to find meaning of life in the cage. It even defined happiness and success for me. I believe at some point of time you get a choice. Either you live a life satisfying the system into which you were acclimatized with or you break the system and do what you want and be what you want to be. Whatever it is!

Today I proclaim to the universe. I want to experience the whole richness in life. I want to challenge the boundaries the neurotic system defines. I want to be a slave of my bizarre dreams. I wanna live in a rarefied bubble with absolute freedom -Unquestioned, not in fear of judgment day but only rich in experience!

On a totally unrelated note, I’ ll leave you with one of my favorites:

Maybe the world is not ready for me or maybe I knocked back more that I can handle. But when you are high there is no way to “Stop the madness”. Cheers!

Image courtesy – Google.

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  1. Varun Sathesh permalink
    November 22, 2010 8:26 pm

    Loved the post. Making a difference is beset with difficulties and generally involves challenging entrenched systems which the society imposes on you. Point taken!

    By the way the site theme and appearance is classy!

  2. Anirban Bhar permalink
    January 21, 2011 2:01 pm

    very well written article!!
    At some point of our lives most of us do think about where exactly are we headed…and get frustrated satisfying the needs of this society!!!
    you put your thoughts into words….Bravo!!

  3. Museem permalink
    December 19, 2012 12:35 pm

    Why can’t I contradict myself?

    Hmmm. Aren’t we all suseptible to criticism? and i must say the best criticism is the one we get from ourselves. They are quiet elaborate and most of all well thought.

    Still fail to realise the tomfoolery of a Tom, Dick or Harry (in that case even a Mary, Sue or Jane) in trying to evoke some “sense” in to one’s common-sense!.

    Rather a very contradictory stance in society on the contradciting ways of life.

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